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Overview Public Folder Watcher (PFW) is an add-on for Microsoft Outlook enabling support of notifications about changes in Exchange Public Folders and providing a status of unread email messages. It works similar to standard Outlook email notifications, but also has several additional features that may be useful for those who use Public Folders. The add-on is integrating into Microsoft Outlook and providing access to its settings through menu in Outlook. Everyone is familiar with standard Outlook notification window, that is why Public Folder Watcher works the same way, but in comparison with email notification working for Inbox folder only, PFW works for all Public Folders. As a result, it improves interaction level through providing the latest Public Folders changes notification. Features List: * Notification of Public Folders' updates * Notification of e-mail folders' updates * Outlook native visual style * Smart notifications * Configuration of the checking intervals * Folders checking configuration * Special "read messages" mode * Multi-threaded application. Does not reduce Outlook performance * VPN environment support * Outlook 2003 and Outlook Office 12, Outlook 2010 support * Multi-monitors environment support

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